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Your 20% recurring payout will be based on all active accounts, all pricing tiers that sign up using your Partner ID.

Simple, predictable, recurring income.

  • Payout period is a short 45 days after the sale

  • Minimum payout amount is only $50

  • Cookie period of 60 days

Your potential earnings

(Based on our Business Plan)

10 customers = $314 /month

30 customers = $942 /month

70 customers = $2,198 /month

100 customers = $3,140 /month


Why Mad Hype

Sell easily with our 14 day free-trial

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Get free access to our library of resources with marketing materials such as banners, social posts & links.

Earn from any plans

Whether it's monthly or annual, all plan types are commissionable.

Our Ideal Partners

Marketers and Influencers

  • Creating content using videos, blog, podcast, email

  • Social media marketing

  • Leveraging your existing audience or building a new following to reach new customers

Marketing Agencies

  • Leveraging your existing network of community or clients

  • All types of online marketing on a variety of platforms

  • Generating paid or organic traffic


Side Hustlers / Freelancers

  • Being passionate with generating a stable side income for yourself

  • Understanding the magnitude of this opportunity

  • Being consistent with your efforts and willing to learn

Ways To Promote Mad Hype

Use Our Key Message...

"Setup your loyalty card in minutes... without any expensive tech or technical skills!"

Share with your inner circle

Tell friends and family how you're now promoting Mad Hype.

Write a blog post

Describe your experience with Mad Hype on your blog.

Create engaging videos & posts

Film yourself using Mad Hype and share your experience. Share posts on a variety of social platforms.

Publish educational content

Get creative. Record tutorials, run webinars or even create courses on Mad Hype.

Run advertisment

Promote Mad Hype on your website through banner ads and other content using your partner link.

Get your clients onboard

Are you an agency or a freelancer? Recommend Mad Hype to your clients to earn more on top of your services.


How much money will I earn?

You will get 20% monthly recurring commission on every sale you bring to us.

When will I receive my partner commission?

For an affiliate to receive their earned commission, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

a) The referred sale must have completed the 45 days payout period to be added in the payout report.
b) The total affiliate commission must cross the minimum payment amount of $50.

Once both the above conditions are met, the commission will be included in the monthly payout report which is generated on 1st of every month. Once the payout report is generated we take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to disburse the funds.

If an affiliate refers a customer on March 15th. There will be a waiting period of 45 days before the same customer will be added to the payout report. The 45 days waiting period allows us to cover the refunds or any payment disputes that happen during that period. So, your referred sales from March 15th will be eligible for the commission on 1st May once the 45 days waiting period is completed.

Since the payout report is generated on 1st of every month. The sales commission will be added in the subsequent payout report that will be generated on 1st of May. We take roughly 1 to 2 weeks to disburse the funds after the payout report is generated. So the affiliate will receive commission for the referred customer on March 15th anytime between the 15th-31st of May.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?

Self-referrals for affiliate purchases are strictly prohibited. You will not receive credit when purchasing a membership package through your own affiliate link. You may receive an automatic notification from Mad Hype to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payments will not include this amount. The commission will not be generated if the custom domain of the affiliate and end-user will be the same.

What is a "Cookie Period"?

Mad Hype affiliate program provides the cookie period of 60 days. This allows you to get commissions for the referral that is made 2 months back.

For Example:

When a customer lands on our website via an affiliate link, a cookie is saved on its device and browser. However, if they leave the website without completing the purchase at that time but returns to our website after a few days within the cookie period and completes the payment, then your referral is still valid and commission will be generated for that sale. 

Do I get the commission for recurring payments?

Yes, you will be paid as long as your referral is an active customer in good payment standing with us.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is the minimal commission amount that needs to be earned by affiliate to include it to payout report. The minimum payout amount is $50 USD.

Which "Click Model" does Mad Hype follow?

We follow the “Last Click ” model. That means, the last affiliate link, clicking on which the customer has made the sale, will be recorded in the system. 

For example:

4 different affiliates, say A, B, and C has approached a user to make a purchase. If the user has open the affiliate links in the following order – C’s link, A’s link and at last B’s link and finally made a purchase through B’s link, then the sale will be recorded against B’s affiliate referral and commission will be generated for B respectively.

We do not do split commission.

I have more questions about the Mad Hype's partner program

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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